Marriage Satisfaction Inventory, Revised (MSI-R)

Feeling unsure about your relationship? Curious to learn more?

The revised edition of the Marital Satisfaction Inventory (MSI-R) assesses the nature and extent of conflict within a marriage or relationship.

According to the PAR (Psychological Assessment Resources) website, the MSI-R is considered as an excellent resource to be used at the beginning of marital therapy to guide subsequent treatment, as it helps couples communicate hard-to-express feelings.
The MSI-R is also useful for premarital counseling and for use with separated couples attempting reconciliation.

This assessment helps you identify relationship issues that may be contributing to individual or family problems, including depression, substance abuse, and trouble with children or adolescents.

Scores for both partners can be plotted on a single profile/answer form. The profile highlights the primary concerns of each partner, clearly indicating differences in their perceptions of the relationship.

Normative data were collected from 2,040 people (1,020 intact couples) whose demographics approximated the U.S. population in regard to geographic region, education, and ethnicity; gender-specific norms are provided.

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