Preschool Progress Screening (PPS)

The Preschool Progress Screening (PPS) is a brief developmental inventory for children aged 3-5 years. It is designed to report on developmental milestones, drive classroom instruction, and to preliminarily identify children who may be in need of additional support or services.

The PPS covers a sampling of skills in three central areas of development:

1. Language – body part recognition, name/letter recognition, following two/three step directions, and verbal reasoning/analogies.
2. Concepts – color recognition, shape recognition, patterns, sorting, and counting blocks.
3. Motor Skills – block tower, book handling skills, and gross motor/balance.

This screener often takes approximately 20 minutes or less to administer, although there is no formal time limit for each activity.

Whether you’re sure or unsure if your child would benefit from this screener, it’s always a good thing to get a second opinion, especially from a professional. Call today to schedule a FREE 15-minute consultation!

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