Kindergarten Readiness Inventory (KRI) Parent Edition

Readiness skills are required for any kind of learning. The Kindergarten Readiness Inventory (KRI) Parent Edition is intended to assist in determining a student’s readiness for beginning kindergarten.

The KRI is to be administered upon completion of preschool and was developed for home use only. This inventory was created as a tool for parents to be used in conjunction with other information about the child’s developmental level.

The following six readiness skills are measured:

1. Vocabulary – identifying pictures that correspond to words that are read aloud – a necessary skill for a child to comprehend the meaning of words that are read.
2. Identifying Letters – measures child knowledge of lower-case letters acquired without formal instruction – a skill that is a prerequisite for word recognition.
3. Visual Discrimination – using numerals, letters, and geometric designs.
4. Phonemic Awareness – determines child readiness for reading instruction.
5. Comprehension and Interpretation – measures more than vocabulary knowledge – child is required to use oral comprehension and interpretation skills.
6. Mathematical Knowledge – samples knowledge of number meaning, numeral recognition, numerical order, and one-to-one correspondence.

We are here to help train you in using and interpreting the KRI. You are not alone. Please don’t hesitate to reach out for assistance and guidance!!

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