School Readiness Test (SRT)

The School Readiness Test (SRT) can be administered at the end of kindergarten or before the third full week of first grade.

It is NOT recommended for students that are repeating first grade.
(If this applies to your child, please contact us).

Ten skills are assessed in the SRT:

1. Letter/Word Recognition – measures knowledge of alphabet and sight words.
2. Phonemic Awareness – assesses whether a child is able to hear, identify, and manipulate phonemes by focusing on beginning, middle, and end sounds (as well as rhymes and blending).
3. Phonics – word decoding and sentence conventions.
4. Listening Comprehension – measures oral comprehension and interpretation skills.
5. Vocabulary – test of definitions of common words, homographs, opposites, and inflections.
6. Reading Comprehension – children are solicited a response to passages read aloud.
7. Developmental Spelling Ability – helps predict end-of-first-grade reading performance.
8. Optional – Handwriting Assessment – copying of letters, numerals, or shapes – a measure of visual-motor skills and indicates readiness for instruction in handwriting.
9. Numbers and Operations – samples knowledge of number meaning, numeral recognition, numerical order, one-to-one correspondence, and simple word problems.
10. Measurement – ability to measure time, length, weight, and money.
11. Geometric Concepts – knowledge of shapes, fractions, and patterns.

Confused? Overwhelmed? Don’t be. Call today and let us help make sense of it all!

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